PK Sportswear and Promotions Inc. was created in 1998 by Paul Kalbfeisch (PK). He began in the business of servicing schools after he retired from Elmira District Secondary School as a teacher and student activity coordinator. There is one reason why he began in the business and it remains at the core today; serve people by helping them represent their brand.

This started with PK sourcing and decorating high school sport and club apparel. 22 years later, PK has evolved to much more! We now create workwear, spiritwear, fashionwear, fundraisers, websites, promo items, and sportswear. We source favourite brands such as Under Armour, Nike, Puma, Oakley and more. While also providing the classics such as Gildan, ATC, Next Level and any new brand that a customer needs!

PK retired at the end of 2018 but his legacy lives on in the name and in the way we will service you!



Personal Kommunity – We have a conversation with every customer and seek to fulfill the need that is personal to you. We also prioritize our local community and will give our service, time and expertise to seeing your brand succeed and develop!

Potential Kreative – We know you have dreams undreamt! With PK being committed to you in this area, now is your time to try what you thought wasn’t possible. We encourage you to be creative outside of the status quo. Some examples are a local twitch streamer, videographer, podcaster, and clothing brand all making merchandise to support and promote their brands! 

Providing Kare – We are known for taking what is complex (custom apparel) and making it simple. Our showroom has been situated to accommodate each type of customer so we can have face to face conversations and look at samples together! We are here for you because we aren’t going anywhere and we aren’t far away. Do not be afraid to talk about your family, vacation, or new job. We care for our community and our customers are our community. Feel free to call, text or email.



2020 was a big turnaround year for the world and also has been for us. After looking at the future it is clear who our priority is; Woolwich and the surrounding areas. If you are from outside the area do not be alarmed we will help you, but our focus, the way we believe we can serve you best, is by being committed locally. Therefore, look out for us on social media, at events, or in the news!


(Please contact us if you would like to see PK come to your area!)

info@pksportswear.ca or 519-669-9877


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