This is the first decorating technique that PK Sportswear adopted. We have 3 staff constantly ready to stitch on a logo that will look crisp, clean, and professional. One of those staff is the owner himself! Most often used to give a professional or prestigious look to any garment. Examples of locations where you would use embroidery are left chest, sleeve and back yoke embroidery. We can also embroider backpacks, bags, pants, and jackets.


Embroidery is best used for medium quantity orders (12-100), small logos (4”x4” max size), and medium colour jobs (3-6). Larger logos are available but the price becomes exponentially more expensive.


There is no minimum order on embroidery but be aware that every new logo will need to be converted into a .emb or .dst file. These are called digitizing files and they cost $50 to create.


A stylish upgrade on embroidery is using twill. It is a fabric that is used to give a unique texture and allow large logos when doing embroidery. This is often used for large letters and numbers on jerseys or to give a varsity style to sweaters or jackets. Be prepared to pay $20-35 per logo. This may seem expensive but it can also be what sets you apart!


Twill is best used on large orders (25+), large logos/numbers/letters, and low colour jobs (1-3).


There is no minimum order on Twill. It will be a custom order managed by our sales team!


The most common decoration technique in the garment industry is screen printing. We have 3 capable screen printers including our sales manager. Using unique software and patient expertise, we are able to do large, multi-colour prints with high detail. Screen printing is very unique and can be done on a variety of garments and in a variety of locations. Back Yoke, Full Back, Left Chest, Right Chest, Full Front, Sleeve, Side of a Shirt, etc. Feel free to dream when thinking of your next screen printing job you are going to send to PK!


Screen Printing is best used for high quantity orders (25+), any sized logo, and low colour jobs (1-3). 


The minimum order with screen printing is 10. Be aware that at this quantity the price will be much higher than at 25+ garments. Oftentimes we need to convert the logo into a .eps .cdr or .ai file. These are called vector files and they cost $30 to create. 


*If you are looking for a lower quantity order with lots of colours, refer to DTG.


A new decorating system that is gaining popularity quickly! Best described as a regular office printer for shirts, DTG sprays ink directly onto garments. This expands the world of decorating greatly because there is no longer a need to have minimums or vector art! We are currently offering this service to those who want many colours in their design or less than 10 shirts.


DTG is best used for any quantity order (1+), any sized logo, and any amount of colours.



Vinyl transfer is the most used method amongst home decorators. It is an affordable option for highly detailed logos or unique decorating, such as names. We take this to the next level by heat transferring your logo on a variety of garments. We also provide many other transfer related items such as stickers, helmet stickers, and names and numbers for sporting jerseys.


Heat transfer is best used for medium quantity orders (20+), small logos (6”x6” max size), and any amount of colours. Larger logos are available but the price becomes exponentially more expensive.


There is no minimum order on the number of garments you buy but there is a varying minimum order on the amount of transfer material you buy. Usually the cost is around $75.



Customers have grown accustomed to placing online orders in almost every facet of their lives, including custom apparel and branded merchandise. Online stores are convenient, easy to use, and improve the buying experience for your customers and your Team. That's why we have introduced an online merchandise store template that allows you to sell your merchandise effortlessly. 

The PKsportswear team will go through the process of designing your site, providing you with a shareable URL, and manage all orders that come through the site. Share your vision with us and we'll bring it to life with an online store!

After designing over 50 order my gear sites for different businesses, we can confidently inform you that selling your merchandise through an online store will maximize your sales and success. 


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